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Estudiante Finlandesa en prácticas en nuestro IES

EL IES Principe Felipe pertenece a la red XARXA de ayuntamientos y escuelas de toda Europa. Dentro de esta red este año hemos acogido a una estudiante finlandesa para hacer sus prácticas en la secretaría del centro.

Durante su estancia ha realizado este blog

Le hacemos una entrevista para conocer su experiencia en nuestro centro

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Moona Kiistala and I am from Rovaniemi, Finland.

What are you doing in Madrid?

I am doing practical training about customer service at IES Principe Felipe

And what do you study in Finalnd and where?

I am in secondary school. In Finland secondary school starts when you are 16 years old and it is optional. I am also studying business economics at a different school, it includes customer service, administration, advertising, as well as economics. In Rovanieme is is common to study at schools, but not anywhere else in Finland. My school where I study business economics is called Lapin ammattiopisto.

Do you like Madrid?

Yes, a lot. I like the Gran Via, it reminds me of streets of New York. I like the sun, because there is more sun here than in Finaland at the moment.

It was really hot over the weekend, did you like it? Did you do anything special?

Yes, I loved it. We went sunbathing and tried to go swimming but the pool wasn't open. There was also the World Championship of Ice Hockey in Russia and Finland was in the finals. Unfortunately, Finland won every game but lost the final. We went to a bar and there were like a hundred Finnish people.

Who are you in Madrid with and which part of the city do you live in?

I am here with two friends and one other just left this weekend. We are sharing a flat near La Latina.

Is it similar to Rovaniemi?

No, it's very different. There is a lot of small shops here, that we don't have there, like the fruit shops. Also, in Finland it's impossible to find a shop open at nigh, but here it's easy. Also, everyone here lives in flats and in Finland most people have their own houses.

How long are you going to stay?

I have been here 6 weeks and I am going to be here 2 weeks more.

Are you excited to go back? Have you liked the experience?

Yes, but I think I am going to be more sad because I can't just come back to Spain when I want. I think this is the best experience of my life.

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