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Álvaro ha estado en Liverpool

My name is Alvaro, I’m 27, from Madrid. I’m a student of Realization of audiovisual projects and Shows,I always considered myself a creative personality. I’ve found that I can express myself best through audiovisuals and I want to build my professional career in this field and my idea was to keep learning, improving my skills and take on a new challenge. My school offered the chance to go abroad and one second later I said: “Yes”.

The Erasmus program offered to me to go to Liverpool and I knew that I’d love the city. I used to live in London and Madrid so Liverpool felt like the perfect mix of the things that I like from England - the culture, the music, the lifestyle and the cinema but in a smaller multicultural city with It’s own style. Here I have the opportunity to be more independent, free and live on my own. Since then my whole life revolved around this journey. I was going through some hardships in my personal life so this opportunity helped me have a goal to focus upon. I kept working hard while the date was getting closer and finally, here I am. I always loved to travel, meet new people and live through new experiences. I thought it was the right moment to make a new change in my life. The things in Madrid aren’t going bad for me, but this is an opportunity that I can't refuse. I’ve said goodbye to my friends and family and started this adventure. I remember my first day in Liverpool. I was at the boarding gate, listening to music and trying to read something in English, but it was very difficult to concentrate, when it was finally 10:40 boarding the Madrid-Liverpool flight and also towards a new adventure.This was March 11, my schoolmate Monica was in the same flight as me and I could not wait to land, but I have to recognize that my first days were horrible. I stayed in the smallest room I've ever seen - cold, no plug and internet and all my things were still in the suitcase. Things have changed now - I’ve gotten a better room, I feel free and comfortable, I have friends and nice workmates and most of the people here are very kind. I’ve got a bike and I always look for interesting things to do. I like going to the pubs and watching football matches live. I went to visit some of the museums and monumental places of Liverpool and I also went to see one of my favourite bands in concert: The Who. What else can I say, I like this city and there are a lot of good things yet to come. But what have I come to do here? I will be working for three months at a local company: Brouhaha.

Brouhaha could be a good starting point. I think Brouhaha will give me chance and the tools to make this experience a great learning opportunity.The company accepted us with open arms. It's a multicultural company with so many good projects so we help them in many different areas. They appreciate our ideas and I hope we can do a lot of things together. Apart from this I couldn’t understand half of the things that people have said to Me. I’ve never heard an accent like that! Sometimes I miss my friends and family, the food, the weather, my guitars… but most of the time I am happy to be here… Y’know , you never walk alone .


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